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Aerolatte Accessories
Aertolatte Compact Code 56AC1UKPL
Aerolatte Cappuccino Art Stencils, display of 12 Code 56CA2TIN
Aerolatte Ceramic Coffee Filter Code 56CF12WH
Aerolatte Caffe Porcellana, Black Code 56CP2BK
Aerolatte Caffe Porcallana, Red Code 56CP2RD
Aerolatte Filter Mesh, 3 Cup Code 56FM13
Aerolatte Filter Mesh, 5 Cup Code 56FM15
Aerolatte Filter Mesh, 7/8 Cup Code 56FM17
Aerolatte Cafetiere, 3 Cup Code 56FP13
Aerolatte Cafetiere, 5 Cup Code 56FP15
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Please order in multiples of the case size where possible. Case sizes are indicated in brackets directly after each product description.
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