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Barcode: 898656000181

Formaticum Cheese Paper and Storage Bags are designed specifically to keep your cheese fresher for longer and makes an excellent gift for cheese lovers. The cheese storage materials allows oxygen to flow freely, letting your cheese breathe and prevents moisture from escaping to create a cave-like environment.

Does cheese wrapped in Formaticum need to be refrigerated? Yes

What are the products made from? The sheets are traditional cheese paper - pure fibre paper and an ultra thin sheet of polyethylene combined by a little bit of glue and a lot of pressure. The bags are paper, spray coated with polyethylene.

Do Formaticum products contain BPA or BPH? No. Never.

Where are the products manufactured? France and Italy.

How do I seal the bag? You don’t have to. We designed these bags to work by folding the end of the bag underneath the cheese.

Can you reuse the bag? Yes, BUT only reuse for the same type of cheese. Once you notice butterfat stains in the bag, it’s time for a new one.

Can the bags be recycled? Unfortunately cheese storage bags are not recyclable.

Can you only use Formaticum for cheese? No, in addition to cheese... • We use Cheese Storage Paper for charcuterie and sandwiches. • We use Cheese Storage Bags for sandwiches, sausages and snacks.

15 bags per pack. 16 x 29cm.

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