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Pick ‘n’ Mix your own selection of best-selling tools & gadgets from the Ed’s Kitchen Essentials Collection! In order to create even more impact in store, Eddingtons has launched a new on trend merchandising display stand and the highly acclaimed range of handy kitchen gadgets are now presented in clear PET tubs allowing customers to easily see and choose their desired product.

Ed’s Kitchen Essentials includes 36 different product lines from old favourites such as the Mini Grater, Spud Buddy, Tea Strainer and Lemon Zester to the new Meat Skewers, Kettle Mate, Teapot Spout Protector and Lancashire Peeler.

The stand holds up to 20 tubs and requires minimal footprint in store. The stand is provided free of charge to any customer ordering any 20 SKUs to fill it. The range is a great way to create an impact in store, whilst securing extra sales from these handy pickup lines.

Dimensions: D 34.5cm, W 60cm, H 183cm

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