Code 40GPFM1371

Barcode: 722152600087

An interchangeable and refillable peppercorn spice pod (compatible with FinaMill) for a world of flavour and double as storage.​
The Peppercorn pod is for premium grinding of peppercorns.
Grind peppercorn to a premium standard, with high consistency and quick output
• FinaMill Mess-Free Refill: Wide opening with ample capacity
• Durable Design: Patented ceramic grinding elements will last for years
• Effortlessly Adjustable: Turn the adjustment knob to control your grind size for each spice
• Organise: Store and stack spices in their own dedicated FinaPods for easy organisation
• Other pods available to grind all different kinds of dried ingredients
• FinaTray available to organise the pods

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