Code 40GP18013412SAN

Barcode: 722152650314

Experience that freshly ground flavour at its peak by grinding your own spices quickly and easily with FinaMill. Your pepper mill never knew what hit it!

• Freshly ground spices are packed with nutritional benefits
• Spices are ultra low in calories and are your gateway to delicious cooking
• Spice oils that give spices their vivid flavours and health benefits begin to degrade the minute those spices are ground
• FinaMill over your food, press the button, and a LED light will illuminate a shower of freshly ground spices
• One-hand operation, perfect for multitasking cooks and people with limited mobility
• FinaMill grinding pods double as storage for all your spices, and can be swapped in with just a couple clicks
• Even the grind size is adjustable; mill dried chilli to a fine grind or coarsely crack black pepper and sea salt
• All of our products come with a 2-year, 100% quality guarantee

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