Code 60041687

Barcode: 4006950041687

Bring the relaxed atmosphere and charm of French café culture into your home with this bright white Bistro pepper mill, a symbol of Peugeot's celebrated history in creating salt and pepper mills that can stand the test of time.
Featuring the same original shape of the first Peugeot pepper mill created in 1874, this Bistro pepper mill now boasts an innovative functionality that allows you to adjust the size of the pepper grind using the metal button that sits nobly on top.
The tighter it is twisted, the finer the texture, and vice versa. As with all Peugeot salt and pepper mills, the Bistro model is equipped with a steel grinding mechanism, which comes with a lifetime guarantee.

• Made in France
• Pepper mill: for grinding black, white, green and red pepper
• When grinding pink peppercorns or coriander seeds use no more than 15% in a pepper blend
• Mechanism comes with a lifetime warranty
• Solvent free varnish
• Wood sourced from PEFC™ certified European forests

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