Code 600220372

Barcode: 4006950220372

Freshness and performance, full of elegance.
Friends who like to drop in unexpectedly? A surprise alfresco picnic? The Frizz cooler will be your essential companion, cooling your bottles of wine or champagne in just 20 minutes, and keeping them cool for up to 2 hours!
Made of stretch material with a central elastic band, it can fit most types of bottle. The elegant grey fleck fabric will look great on your table - it’s easy to clean and water-resistant to avoid condensation.

• Guaranteed to be effective after 2 hours in the freezer
• Expandable, to fit 75cl bottles of still or sparkling wine
• Cleverly designed to cool the bottle thoroughly, even to the neck
• Highly efficient, it cools a bottle in 20 minutes and keeps it cool for 2 hours
• The form-fitting design holds your bottle securely
• Textile is easy to clean and avoids condensation
• 5-year warranty

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