Code 600200497

Barcode: 4006950200497

A marvel of technology for both vintage and everyday wines.
Peugeot has designed Elis Touch, the ultimate rechargeable electric corkscrew.
Elis Touch combines ultra-contemporary stainless steel design and advanced technology to work with all wine bottles and corks (traditional or synthetic), in seconds.
No more broken corks! Simply push down on the bottle neck to automatically remove the cork.
Equipped with a powerful and quiet motor and an LED indicator of the charge level, Elis Touch is always ready for use. Last but not least, the corkscrew comes with a foil cutter.
Packaged in a superior gift box, Elis Touch is the perfect tool for all wine lovers.

• Rechargeable electric corkscrew
• Simply, quick and easy-to-use
• Works with all bottles of wine
• Battery life average 50 bottles before needing to be recharged
• Made from stainless steel
• Foil cutter included

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