Code 600200251

Barcode: 4006950200251

An indispensable tool for removing old corks from a fine vintage.
Removing old corks from an aging wine bottle can be a challenging task even for the finest wine collectors.
The Peugeot Mathus cork-extractor is the ideal solution for safely removing old corks that have become brittle over time.
The two-prong cork puller can also be used to retrieve any corks that have been pushed down or broken in the bottleneck.
Simply insert the two blades between the cork and glass and gradually pull up with some rotation.
Reminiscent of 19th-century wine bottle openers, the Mathus has been given a modern makeover and comes in a stylish protective case.
This is an original gift but will be an indispensable tool for all fine wine lovers and connoisseurs.
Available in a satin aluminium or polished gunmetal finish.

• Ideal for removing the corks from old or vintage bottles of wine
• Can also be used to remove corks that have been pushed down into neck of bottle
• Made from aluminium

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