Code 60023713

Barcode: 4006950023713

The generous shape of the Peugeot Paris u’Select salt mill combines perfectly with the strength of beechwood and the indulgent chocolate hue.
A gourmet design fit for a gourmet, this salt mill will inspire creativity in the kitchen and the discovery of new exciting flavours.
Created by Peugeot in 1987, the Paris salt mill is the archetype, adopted by great chefs and food enthusiasts throughout the world.
This salt mill is synonymous with refined authentic cooking and thanks to the ingenious u’Select custom grind control system, it will enable you to season with precision to enrich every dish and type of cuisine. Turn the ring located at the base of the salt mill to obtain the exact texture you require, with 1 offering a very fine grind, and 6 a much coarser product.
In the kitchen and at the table, the Paris salt mill has become an essential instrument for those who appreciate flavour and positive taste experiences.

• Made in France
• U'Select grind adjustment system with six predefined grind settings
• Water-based paint and varnish
• Mechanism comes with a lifetime warranty
• For grinding dry salt (rock salt) with a crystal size of less than or equal to 4mm
• Not suitable for use with wet sea salt (even dried)
• Solvent free varnish
• Wood sourced from PEFC™ certified European forests

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