Code 56CG1BK

Barcode: 5039179001728

New from Aerolatte is the innovative Hand-Held Coffee Grinder.

Easy hand grinder
• Easy-to-use no fuss grinder • Match your favourite coffee making method with the selection on the collar add the beans and turn the handle
• Perfect for the beginner through to expert, with the easy to use grinder selection located on the outside for easy adjustment
• 4 pre-set course settings to ensure the correct grind is attained for your favourite method
• Twin grind chambers help you achieve the volume of coffee needed for your chosen method
• Easy to access bean hopper big enough for what you need, small enough to allow you to experiment with different coffees from your favourite roaster
• Removable handle for easy storage, making it very compact whilst on the go

Why is it better?
• Most other hand grinders you have to strip down to adjust the grind settings, which is a guess to see where you are between the finest and coarsest settings, this is always a messy job and takes multiple attempts to find the right grind each and every time you change your method.
• With many others you cant see the volume you have ground also it is hard to judge if you have ground too much for your espresso or not enough for your French Press

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