Code 14MYT200

Barcode: 018436005056

CDN’s Meat and Yeast Thermometer makes measuring the temperature of meat or poultry easy

• The scale shows the USDA recommended temperatures for safe cooking
• The thermometer should be inserted at least 2 inches into the meat or poultry and away from any bone
• If the meat is an irregular shape, check the temperature in several different places. (This is especially important when cooking poultry)It will take 1-2 minutes for the temperature to register
• The thermometer can remain in food during cooking
• Meat should be allowed to rest' for 10 to 15 minutes after it is removed from oven
• Resting meat allows time for the internal temperature to stabilize and the juices to redistribute making it easier to carve
• Can also be used for bread, when the temperature is 190–200 F the bread is done
• To get a good bake test liquid yeast temperature to ensure it is 105–115 F/40–46 C. At temperatures of 120 F/49 C and above the yeast is destroyed
• Measurement Range: 100 to 200ºF/38 to 93ºC
• Ovenproof
• Durable laboratory glass with stainless steel housing and stem
• Non-mercuric column
•Temperature guide on thermometer; 5-year limited warranty

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