Code NT3141003

Barcode: 5055361518898

The Brown Hare is under serious threat. Numbers have thought to have declined by 80% since the late 19th century. Hares favour living in a mix of arable fields, grasses and hedgerows.

SIZE: 40 x 30cm
TEXTURE: Made on smooth clear glass
DURABLE: Made from toughened glass which is heat resistant to 250°C
HYGIENIC: Odour & stain resistant, easy to clean
PROTECTS: Heat protection for work surfaces and tables
VERSATILE: Use to prepare and serve food
COOL: The glass surface is ideal for preparing and rolling pastry or dough
BRITISH: Made by Tuftop in the UK
CARE: Do not submerge in water, wipe clean only
PACKAGING: Made from mixed recycled card

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