Code NT3141002

Barcode: 5055361518881

Puffins mate for life, separating to spend the winter out at sea before returning to the islands to pair up again in the spring. The rangers take this opportunity to count the puffins so they can monitor population levels.

SIZE: 40 x 30cm
TEXTURE: Made on smooth clear glass
DURABLE: Made from toughened glass which is heat resistant to 250°C
HYGIENIC: Odour & stain resistant, easy to clean
PROTECTS: Heat protection for work surfaces and tables
VERSATILE: Use to prepare and serve food
COOL: The glass surface is ideal for preparing and rolling pastry or dough
BRITISH: Made by Tuftop in the UK
CARE: Do not submerge in water, wipe clean only
PACKAGING: Made from mixed recycled card

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